Survive & Thrive
Mental Skills Program

Survive & Thrive Mental Skills Program

What Is It?

The survive and thrive mental skills program is a powerful program and contains a detailed structured 6 subject programcontaining 20 specific units of learning.

The key aims and outcomes achieve personal emotional and mental growth, nurture the concept of personal responsibilityand discipline, strengthening community connection and develop the ability to improve resilience wellbeing productivity and performance.

This program is ideal for individual athletes of all abilities, sports teams, sports clubs, school’s colleges and universities, and corporate settings,suitable for anyone that wishes to perform at the highest level while improving mental health resilience better productivity and improved performance.

Survive & Thrive Mental Skills Program

Schools Program

Super 6 High Performance has partnered with Bring It On Sports to deliver the Survive and Thrive Mental Skills program into schools.

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Current & Past Clients

St. Augustine's College Sydney

NRL Stars

Jayden Ojida

V8 Supercars

Joshua Car

Formula Americas