Frequently Asked Questions​

We cater for athletes from 10 years and above.

We treat every athlete as an individual and ensure they receive the coaching and mentorship they need to improve.In saying this we do understand the importance of implementing sport specific and position specific development and offer programs that suit individuals and team-based scenarios.  We run specific off season and in season programs for Soccer, Rugby League,Rugby Union, Cricket, Flag Football.

Out S6HP I’Mpossible program offers young people with a disability the very best environment for them to be the best they can,  you can find more information about this amazing program via the link on our home page.

The survive and thrive program is a powerful program and contains a detailed structured6 subject program containing 20 specific units of learning.

The  key aims and outcomes achieve personal emotional and mentalgrowth, nurture the concept of personal responsibility and discipline, strengthening community connection and develop the ability to improve resilience wellbeing productivity and performance.

Program originator Carl Jennings NZBM has had over 25 years working at the highest levels of elite professional sport as head of strength and conditioning within the English Premier League, English Super League, NRL, Super 15s NZ Rugby along with International representative level with the British & Irish Lions Rugby League Team, and now with Gridiron Australia as Head of Athletic Development.

His unique level of experience, expertise and knowledge will give your team an obvious point of difference allowing players, pupils and coaches the opportunity to learn, improve and fulfil their potential, by implementing our high-performance processes, standards and training programs.

Our club and team partners receive the very best coaching and mentoring, with programs available for Off season,Pre-Season and In season support.

We offer clubs and teams our discounted price dependent on numbers and duration of support.

We develop strong relationships with all our parents and carers as we understand the trust that needs to bein place to allow us to work with their children, and we do this by offering the very best coaching and mentoring by highly qualified and experienced staff. Within a safe environment both physically and emotionally, there are spaces for the parents to viewsome sessions but on the whole we believe a component of youth development is developing independent thinking and personal discipline and for this to be achieved we do ask the parents and carers to leave the athletes within our care and return after the session is completed.

Our cornerstone is that we offer safe spaces for young people both physically and emotionally to become thebest versions of themselves. All our programs are age and maturity appropriate and delivered by highly qualified and experienced staff.

You can register your child via the registration forms under the Athletics program tab.

On Sunday October 27, 2024 we will be running the Super 6 Blacktown City Youth Gamesa unique event to find the best all round athlete across all sports. For more information about this amazing event visit the Super 6 Youth Games website

A Super 6 coach is required to be highly qualified and experienced; our current coaches hold a range of highl evel qualifications including Master of Exercise Science Degrees, Bachelor of Exercise Science Degrees, Teaching Degrees, our minimum standard qualification to coach within the Super 6 High Performance program is holding a Certificate III and IV in fitness,along with relevant skills coaching Certificates. All our coaches and mentors hold a working with children certificate.

We can offer the first session as a trial if the parent isn’t too sure that the child will feel comfortable within our environment and may not wish to commit to a 10-week program. Please contact us for more information.