About Us

The Concept.

The Super 6 High Performance Program (S6HP) was founded by Carl Jennings NZBM in 2015. Carl is a recipient of the New Zealand Bravery Medal and expert in the field of applied athletic development with over 30 years coaching at the highest level of elite professional sport.

When designing the S6HP concept Carl wanted to use his extensive knowledge, experience and expertise to develop a unique high performance program that was totally inclusive rather than exclusive.

The key was to offer a safe nurturing environment for young people to become the best they can be, not dependent on ability, socio economic background, Religious beliefs, ethnicity or sporting endevour.

The Mission.

We believe it is important for all young people to exercise, play sport or at the very least stay active.

This has a direct positive effect on their physical and mental health, along with wellbeing and the development of physical literacy.

An early connection to exercise and sport can encourage a lifelong love of sport, physical activity and improved emotional resilience to support them on their journey.

Our Point of Difference.

“Working with the best athletes in the world made me realise that their behavioural traits drove them to fulfil their potential in sport and life.

This is why we coach behaviour first around our S6HP six behaviours, that not only give our athletes the best opportunity to develop elite levels of sporting prowess, but most importantly enables them to become highly functional people within their community, positively effecting  everyone they come in contact with throughout their lifetime.

Change one young persons behaviour for the better they will positively effect hundreds of people throughout their lifetime.

Change hundreds of young peoples behaviours for the better they will effect 10s of thousands of people throughout their lifetimes.

Change thousands of young peoples behaviours in a positive way and they may just change the world into a better place “.

Carl Jennings NZBM


Our Core Values.


Leave your ego at the door.


To be number 1, you have to pay the price, every day.


Do what is right for yourself, your team, and your family.

Mental Toughness

Never give in. Never ever.


Hard Work

Champions do extras. Find ways to do more every day to improve your game.

Follow Your Dreams

Don’t let anyone say you can’t. Yes, you can!