Super 6 Pre-Season Program

Super 6 Pre-Season Program

What Are They?

Designed for young athletes who wish to get to the next level in their sport the program has a focus on completing acomprehensive pre-season program to ensure they have the best opportunity to fulfil their sporting goals in the future.

Our four main programs are:

Soccer Fit, Rugby / Rugby, League Fit, Cricket Fit, Netball Fit.

The pre-seasons programs consist of two 10 week blocks offered to U12s–U18s boys and girls to help develop fitness, strength, speed, power, skill, mental skills, delivered by the very best coaches and mentors. Our program enables our athletes to achieve their sport specific goals and abilities in a safe and effective age-appropriate manner.


Winter Sports Pre Season Programs
(Soccer, Rugby, Netball)

10-week block 1 (Oct – Dec)

10-week block 2 (Jan – March)

Summer Sports Pre Season Programs

10-week block 1 (March – May)

10-week block 2 (May – July)

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