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S6HP Online

Supporting athletes in the wider community

S6HP Junior Sport Specific Program 

This 10 week home program helps young aspiring athletes achieve their fitness goals.

The programs are easy to use and includes routines, drills and exercises that can be performed at home, on a playing field, or at a gym… No excuses.

The  program contains speed agility sessions, strength sessions, fitness sessions, recovery, and nutritional advice. 

S6HP Elite Personalized  Program 

This 10 week program offers comprehensive personalized programming, including regular face to face or zoom checkpoint meetings, coaching and mentoring. This program is suitable for athletes with high asperations.


Choice of online programs 

Junior 10 week program

Receive our sport specific home program, including detailed training sheets, demonstration videos and the support needed to effectively train at home.

Cost $100 

Senior Elite 10 week program

A comprehensive individualized program designed for athletes with high asperations, including regular planning meetings with Carl Jennings NZBM to ensure the highest standards are delivered.

Cost $600

S6HP Satellite Programs

Specifically designed to support our satellite program partnerships within various sporting teams , organizations and academies .

Cost (aligned with Satellite program)

Club / Team Programs

Specially designed off-season and in-season training programs for sports teams within Australia and around the globe.

Cost (at request)


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