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Get Your Child Ready to Return to Sport!

S6HP Return to Sport Online Program

Why is this program so important for young athletes?

When active kids become passive they become de trained.  The COVID lockdown has forced this upon kids, so in order to return to sport safely and effictively, they need to reverse that effect.

Our online Return to Sport Porgram helps young people prepare for their sport, by implementing a progressive high performance program that develops them both physically and mental.

Giving Every Young Athlete the Best Opportunity to Fulfill Their Potential in Sport and Life

Key Benefits of the Return to Sport Program

Injury Prevention

The return to sport curriculum involves a progressive high performance program, that enables athletes to return to sport in a safe and effective manner, reducing the risk of injury, and helping them perform at their best when it's needed.

Mental Health

COVID lockdown has affected young active people significantly; having a negact impact on their physical and mental health through a passive lifestyle that has been forced upon them.  This program has a large emotional development focus, alongside the physical regime to help young athletes return to sport safely.

Be Performance Ready

We're about ulocking the best athletic potential out of every young athlete.  That's why we've developed our Return to Sport Program not only to prevent injury and improve mental development, but to also prepare athletes to perform to the best of their ability.

All Online

The program is delivered online and doesn't require a lot of training gear, so it's perfect for anyone who is returning to sport.

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