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Founder Carl Jennings NZBM

Physical Development and mental skills empowerment program

Merging the body and mind the pathway to achieve your potential


The Super 6 Youth Games 2024

Registrations Now Open

Expert Coaching

We cannot expect excellence from our athletes unless we deliver excellence as a coaching team.

Behaviour First

Prioritizing coaching our 6 key behavioral traits is the foundation to success.

Mental Skills

We give young people the tools to fulfill their potential, as well as overcoming the pressures associated with sport-life balance.

All Inclusive

Every young person deserves the best opportunity in life, not dependent on ability, socio or economic background, gender, ethnicity, or religious belief.

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Sports specific programming

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Location: S6HP HQ Blacktown International Sportspark 



Blacktown International Sportspark


510/536 High St, Penrith NSW 2750


Blacktown, NSW
Penrith, NSW

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